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Our 2015 Graduates

Georgia Blackie

photograph of Georgia Blackie

Where in Australia are you from?

I'm from Melbourne.

What did you study at University?

I studied a double Bachelor of Laws and Arts (with a major in Indonesian and Malay languages); a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice and the majority of a Master of Public Policy and Management. Now that I've completed the Graduate Development Program (GDP), I plan on finishing the Masters degree in 2016.

What made you decide to apply for the Infrastructure and Regional Development Graduate Development Program?

I decided to apply after meeting the GDP team and former graduates at The Big Meet in Melbourne. They seemed genuinely excited about their work and it seemed like the Department fostered a really positive working culture, which definitely turned out to be true. I'll admit that the automatic progression to an APS 5 upon successful completion of the program was also a big drawcard.

What do you think makes the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development Graduate Program different?

The Department is really invested in the GDP and this filters right down from the Secretary, who also started off as a Graduate in our Department. Graduates are respected in the Department and are given the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to their work areas

What type of training and development opportunities were offered?

In addition to formal training through the Graduate Certificate in Public Administration and the GDP, I was offered a range of opportunities through my rotation work. I was part of the Secretariat at a Senate Estimates hearing, spoke with members of the community at an information session for the Western Sydney Airport project, represented the Department at the Heywire Regional Youth Summit and much more.

What is an interesting piece of work that you have been involved with?

During a rotation in our Corporate Services Division, I chose and developed all of the case studies for the Department's most recent Annual Report. This task involved meeting with Senior Executive Staff from across the Department to discuss content and liaise with them afterwards for input on the drafts. This was a great way to get across the really varied work of the Department and to meet many of the divisional executives.

What is your current position and main tasks?

I'm working on policy within the Norfolk Island State and Local Government Service Delivery section. We provide advice on the delivery of local and state-type services and systems and negotiate agreements with service providers. At the moment, our focus is on health (including aged care), education and local government. Following a number of governance changes due to occur on Norfolk Island on 1 July 2016, we will then turn our attention to roads and transport, courts and justice, welfare and heritage and environment matters.

What are your future goals?

I've developed a strong interest in social policy and would like to explore the many options to do social policy within the public sector. I've landed in an exciting area of the Department where I get the opportunity to tie in my legal background and interest in social policy, but the Department also encourages us to look at opportunities offered by other Australian Public Service (APS) agencies.


Last Updated: 26 February, 2016