Pauline's Story

Photo including Pauline I am a Policy Officer in the Maritime and Shipping Branch. I joined the Department as a Stepping Into… summer intern in January-February 2014. Following this experience, I was successful in securing a position in the Department's 2015 Graduate Development Program.

I was part of the Department's first ever Stepping Into… cohort. It was a fantastic introduction to full time employment, as I knew I had support from the Australian Network on Disability, the Department's Diversity Officer, as well as my supervisor and team. I learned many key skills which assisted me with graduate job applications, both for this Department, and other public and private sector jobs. Before my internship, I had never really considered a career in the public service, but after my internship, I knew that the public service offered everything I wanted from a career—job satisfaction, flexible working hours and varied and exciting experiences.

I really enjoy the diversity of work in the Department. In my relatively short time here, I have worked on billion dollar road projects, introducing legislation to Parliament to reform coastal shipping, market analysis of the aviation industry, and published a research paper on Pedestrians and Road Safety. I also travelled to Wyndham, Kununurra and Darwin to meet with stakeholders and further understand the impacts of the Department's work in Australia.

There is strong emphasis on reasonable adjustments in the Department. I have had a workstation assessment to ensure all my equipment (desk, chair, computer, etc.) is properly set up. Following this, I also had a reasonable adjustment assessment to discuss more specific adjustments I need for the workplace. The physiotherapist I saw during my reasonable adjustment assessment was very receptive to my needs, and was also proactive in suggesting reasonable adjustments that I hadn't even thought of. Apart from Work Health and Safety adjustments, the Department also has a Diversity Officer who is great to chat to, and is able to help you know where to direct any enquiries.

My experience within the Infrastructure Disability Engagement Alliance (IDEA) has been excellent. IDEA is a great way to meet people from different Divisions in the Department, who all share a common goal of working towards a more inclusive and accessible workplace. I have been involved in our major project, to rebrand and relaunch the group, and seeing all the fantastic progress we've been making has been really rewarding.

I would strongly recommend applying to this Department. When applying, make sure you can articulate how your prior skills and experiences will be transferrable to the work you may be completing across the Department. Competition is strong, so be well prepared and aware of your strengths. Don't hesitate about asking for any reasonable adjustments for the interview process, the recruitment team are very happy to help to ensure a fair and equitable process for all applicants.

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Last Updated: 26 February, 2016