Kevin's Story

Photo including Kevin I am currently working for the Department as part of a second Stepping Into… internship. The Stepping Into… summer programme was a great chance for me to gain work experience and prove my ability to conduct my work efficiently in a field of work which is related to my university study. My first placement was also the first time I had been in Canberra so the experience was invaluable to both my future working career and my general life experience.

I am currently working for the Office of Transport Security in the Risk and International Branch. My section is responsible for mitigating both threat and risk to our transport sectors. I have worked for various companies throughout my life and this Department stands out as having the best culture amongst staff. Additionally, the Department is responsible for a wide variety of tasks including infrastructure investment, policy governance and transport security, so it is possible to change sectors in the Department and have a refreshing and complete change of role whilst staying in the Department. I absolutely recommend others to apply for employment in the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

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Last Updated: 26 February, 2016