Bek's Story

Photo including Bek I am a Darkinjung girl and I grew up on Awabakal and Worimi Country in the NSW Hunter Valley. I joined the Department in 2010 as an Aboriginal Cadet, through the Australian Public Service Pathways Cadetship Programme. At the time I was studying a Bachelor of Development Studies at university, and was one of the first of my family to attend university. I see infrastructure, transport and regional development as enablers for a range of other social and economic outcomes; for example if you don't have safe transport systems how will our Aunties get to hospital for medical treatment or how will our cousins get to school and work?

In 2013 I accepted an offer into the Department's Graduate Development Programme. One of the greatest highlights of my graduate year was travelling to Alice Springs and surrounding communities to look at how infrastructure and transport affects Aboriginal communities and people. It was an incredible opportunity to see how the work of my Department was affecting our people and report these findings back to our Department. I am now Diversity Officer. I now have the opportunity to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees in the Department, as well as develop and implement employment pathways for our People. I feel honoured to now be in a position where I can help empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to reach their full potential. I also work towards our Department's workforce being reflective of the Australian community, including having proportional representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in our Department. By having this proportional representation and being a reflection of the Australian community we are ensuring that the public policy discussions that are occurring are reflective of the Australian community.

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Last Updated: 26 February, 2016