Appendix E: Reports under aviation legislation

International aviation

Section 29(1) of the Air Navigation Act 1920 requires the department to report annually on the administration and operation of this Act and its regulations. This includes other civil aviation matters that the secretary considers should be included in the report.

The department continued to regulate scheduled international air services in accordance with the Air Navigation Act and associated regulations. In 2017–18 the department granted 464 timetable approvals, 324 timetable variations, 13 non-scheduled flight approvals and 10 approvals for new International Airline Licences.

Environment authorisations and protection orders

Paragraph 5.15(2) of the Airports (Environment Protection) Regulations 1997 requires that the department report notification of environmental authorisations.

The department can authorise an airport to undertake action, which may result in environmental emissions limits being exceeded, where the emissions would be no more damaging to the environment than if the limits were met. No environmental authorisations took place during the reporting period.

We may make an environment protection order under part 7, division 1 of the Airports (Environment Protection) Regulations 1997 directing an airport to comply with a duty to avoid polluting to preserve habitat, or to prevent offensive noise. No environment protection orders were made during the reporting period.

Aircraft noise levy collection

Section 20 of the Aircraft Noise Levy Collection Act 1995 requires our annual report to include information on adherence to the Aircraft Noise Levy Act 1995 and the Aircraft Noise Levy Collection Act.

In 2017–18 no reportable actions were made under either of these Acts and there were no breaches of these Acts.

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Last Updated: 12 November, 2018