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What this report covers

This annual report explains how the resources entrusted to the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development have been used during the year. It takes into account the Department of Finance's Resource Management Guide No. 135: Annual Reports for Non-Corporate Commonwealth Entities, issued May 2017.

How information is presented

Key terms and acronyms are explained as they are introduced and are listed at the back of this report.

Tables throughout the report use notations as follows:

  • $m means million dollars;
  • - means either zero or nil; and
  • n/a means not applicable.

How to obtain copies

Reports are available in printed form from libraries around Australia under the Australian Government library deposit and free issue scheme. For a list of these libraries, visit the Department of Finance website

This report is also available at It is published in a variety of digital formats to make it more accessible, including to people in regional areas and people with a disability. It is available online the day after it is tabled in Parliament.

More information

Before making decisions or acting on information in this report, you are advised to contact the Department. This report was up-to-date when it was tabled, but details change over time due to legislative, policy and other developments.

If you have suggestions about how we could improve our annual report, please let us know. To contact our annual report team, you can write to us at (no stamp required):

Governance Section
Reply Paid 594

Contact details for other parts of the Department are available at

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Last Updated: 16 April, 2018