Appendix H: Summary of administered expense programs

Table H.1 provides the Department's administered expense programs alongside funds paid in 2016–17.

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Table H.1: Summary of administered expense programs
Administered itemFunds paid in 2016–17
Infrastructure Investment
Infrastructure Investment Program–Investment 109,194*
Infrastructure Investment Program–Black Spot Program –*
Infrastructure Investment Program–Roads to Recovery 815,460
Infrastructure Investment Program–Northern Australia Roads Program –*
Infrastructure Investment Program–Northern Australia Beef Roads Program –*
Infrastructure Investment Program–Bridges Renewal Program –*
Infrastructure Investment Program–Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program –*
WestConnex Stage 2–provision of a concessional loan 111,881
Plan for the Future–Building Australia Fund
Victorian Infrastructure Package
Building our Future campaign 69
Infrastructure Growth Package–New Investments –*
Infrastructure Growth Package–Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan –*
Transport Security
Aviation Security Enhancements–Improving International Aviation Security 19
Aviation Security Enhancements–Regional and Remote Airports Security Awareness 128
Surface Transport
Bass Strait Passenger Vehicle Equalisation Scheme 47,769
International Maritime Organization–contribution 277
Interstate Road Transport Account 67,602
National Heavy Vehicle Regulator 3,852
OECD Road Transport–contribution 46
Protection of the Sea (Oil Pollution Compensation Funds) Act 1993 394
Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme 137,612
Road Safety
keys2drive 4,000
Air Transport
Airport Lessee Companies–reimbursement of parking fines 947
Hobart International Airport runway extension–contribution 22,000
International Civil Aviation Organization–contribution 2,149
Melbourne Airport New Runway Land Acquisition 5,444
Payment scheme for Airservices Australia's en route charges 1,516
Regional Aviation Access 23,602
Sydney West Airport–site management 7,902
Regional Development
Building Better Regions Fund
Community Development Grants Fund 65,997
Drought Communities Programme 7,256
National Stronger Regions Fund 110,673
Regional Australia Institute 1,821
Regional Development Australia Committees 18,100
Regional Development Australia Fund 19,106
Regional Jobs and Investment Packages
Stronger Communities Programme 19,862
Tasmanian Jobs and Growth Package 13,774
Local Government
Local Government (Financial Assistance) Act 1995 3,472,947
Services to Territories
ACT Government–national capital functions 1,825
Christmas Island Phosphate Mining Rehabilitation special account 1,212
Norfolk Island–Commonwealth administration 1,067
Norfolk Island–Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area 626
Office of the Administrator, Northern Territory 351
Services to Indian Ocean Territories and Indian Ocean Territories special account 115,382
Services to Jervis Bay Territory and Jervis Bay Territory special account 6,179
Services to Norfolk Island 26,190


* Additional payments are made to and through the states and territories by the Department of the Treasury.

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Last Updated: 16 April, 2018