Appendix G: Correction of material errors in 2015–16 Annual Report

In the 2015–16 Annual Report, the number of vehicles operating under the Federal Interstate Registration Scheme was incorrectly reported as 20,412 (pages 34 and 36). The correct figure is 14,648.

In addition, the figures provided at Table C.1 in the 2015–16 Annual Report (page 105) were reported incorrectly for 2014–15. Table G1 provides the correct figures.

Table G.1 Departmental energy consumption 2014–15
Buildings and electricity2014–15
Office buildings
Area occupied (m2) 43,143
Occupantsa 1,305
Area per person (m2) 33.04
Electricity used (GJ) 12,755
Electricity used per person (MJ)b 9,774
Electricity used by area (MJ/m2) 296
Electricity sourced from renewable sources (%) 4.4
Other buildingsc
Area occupied (m2) 453
Electricity used (GJ)d 348
Electricity used by area (MJ/m2) 768
Total of the above
Direct energy consumed (GJ) 13,103
Greenhouse gas emissions (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents)e 3,593


  1. Occupants may include contractors and employees of contracted service providers as well as departmental employees.
  2. The Australian Government's energy consumption target is no more than 7,500 megajoules per person per year.
  3. Other buildings (Mitchell Warehouse) the Net Lettable Area is apportioned to 35 per cent.
  4. Includes green power.
  5. Emission includes scope 2 (direct) and scope 3 (indirect).

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Last Updated: 16 April, 2018