Flooded Roads Smart Warning System (FRSWS)


Logan City Council

Logan City, Queensland

Project stage

In progress


Start date: 02 February 2019
End date: 31 December 2019

Project value

Australian Government funding:


  • Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Focus area

  • Public safety (crime and disaster prevention and management)

Project type

  • Smart traffic management
  • Disaster management
  • Public safety

Technology type

  • Wi-Fi
  • Environmental sensors

Project summary

The Flooded Roads Smart Warning System (FRSWS) project utilises smart technology to provide both proactive and reactive mechanisms to enhance road safety during flood episodes. The FRSWS will minimise the risk of drivers inadvertently driving into flooded roads by using advance warning signs that only activate in flood conditions. The design and programming of these signs will allow real-time mapping and generation of information for each road location with a FRSWS to be provided to disaster management entities and the community through a range of communication methods.

Data collected from activation of FRSWS signs will be integrated into open data.

The challenge

Warn motorists of a flooded roadway with the aim of preventing unintentional entry into flood waters.


The project will install 20 FRSWS signs, which feature sensor technology to provide real-time information on the status of roads across Logan City.


This project will deliver automated smart warning signs at 20 of 200 plus identified sites across Logan City.

Contact details

Name: Phil Peters
Phone: 0438416034
Email: philpeters@logan.qld.gov.au