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Flooded Roads Smart Warning System (FRSWS)

Greenhill Road, Munruben Flooded Roads Smart Warning System


Logan City Council

Logan City, Queensland

Project stage



Start date: 08 October 2018
End date: 03 December 2019

Project value

Australian Government funding:



Focus area

  • City and community planning
  • Public administration and customer service

Project type

  • Disaster management
  • Public safety

Technology type

  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Smart poles

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Project summary

The Flooded Roads Smart Warning System (FRSWS) project uses smart technology to provide both proactive and reactive mechaims to enhance road safety during flood episodes. The FRSWS minimises the risk of drivers inadvertantly driving into flooded roads by using advance warning signs that only activate in flood conditions. The innovative design and programming of these signs allows real time mapping and information for each road location with a FRSWS to be provided to disaster management entities and the community through a range of communication methods. Data collected from activation of FLSWS signs is integrated into open data platforms to support planning and design considersations for both roads and flood modelling.

The challenge

To use smart technology to minimise the risk of drivers inadvertently driving into flooded roads by using advance warning signs that only activate in flood conditions.


By installing a FRSWS at 21 sites, the project has improved the liveability of Logan City by providing motorists with advanced warning of flooded roads, thus improving their safety and reducing the costs to Australian economy Increased openly available public data set for collaboration with Emergency Services by providing real time flooding data, disaster.logan.qld.gov.au  Increased innovation and capability in local governments through collaboration and smart city innovation ecosystem development, firstly with Griffith University and now Substation33. The initial collaboration, stretched a graduate to turn a  theoretical design into a working solution. The second collaboration brought multiple staff with a wide variety of skills to enhance the working solution including text over flashing lights, greater battery efficiency including recycling, radio waves over cables and live access to the Disaster Dashboard. 


The project will continue to warn motorists of flooded road section and give the motorist time to avoid driving into a flooded section of road. To meet this need Council is funding the ongoing maintenance and provision of data, so both motorist and Disaster Management can continue to benefit from this innovation.

Contact details

Name: Shahab Katebi
Phone: 07 3412 5832
mail: shahabkatebi@logan.qld.gov.au