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Census of Land Use and Employment


City of Melbourne

Melbourne, Victoria

Project stage



Start date: 22 December 2017
End date: 05 June 2019

Project value

Australian Government funding:


  • City of Yarra
  • City of Port Phillip
  • City of Maribyrnong
  • Stonnington City Council
  • Geoplex Pty Ltd (Private sector partner)

Focus area

  • City and community planning

Project type

  • Smart governance
  • Start up and innovative entrepreneurialism

Technology type

  • Data Management (Data platform, open data, data privacy and security, blockchains, standards)
  • Cloud computing
  • Online portal

Project summary

Extend the Census of Land Use and Employment database to a cloud based in-browser operating system enabling five inner-city Melbourne councils to collect, store, analyse and publish economic data. The project will also offer the technology system and method to all Australian councils.

The challenge

The problem to solve with this project is the lack of consistent and comprehensive and accessible business, employment and land use data across jurisdictions in Australia.


The project aims to help local governments and communities use smart technology and increase the accessibility and use of public data so that:

1. cities, suburbs and towns become more liveable, productive and sustainable and

2. urban service delivery becomes more efficient and effective.


The CLUE system and the accompanying method will be scalable and will be offered to all Australian councils.