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Clever and Creative Geelong


City of Greater Geelong

Geelong Waterfront, Victoria

Project stage



Start date: 17 November 2017
End date: 31 October 2019

Project value

Australian Government funding:


  • Council departments
  • Geelong businesses
  • Geelong communities
  • Technology companies

Focus area

  • City and community planning
  • Innovation and economic development
  • Public safety (crime and disaster prevention and management)
  • Natural environmental data and measurement (air quality, dust, noise, waterways)

Project type

  • Smart lighting
  • Smart parking
  • Smart waste
  • Environmental monitoring

Technology type

  • Internet of Things
  • Wi-Fi
  • Data Management (Data platform, open data, data privacy and security, blockchains, standards)
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Environmental sensors
  • Smart poles

Open data link

Project summary

The project will deliver LED lighting, environmental sensing, digital signage, public safety, smart parking and free WiFi. This will benefit the community by encouraging local industry growth in digital services. Data analytics associated with technology will provide evidence-based decisions for planning.

The challenge

The City needed a consolidated approach to technology infrastructure along our waterfront which was limited, fragmented or duplicated, thus creating cluttered and unsafe spaces.


The primary solution was the installation of Smart Nodes (Poles). Partnering with Ene.hub, their smart node product enabled the city to install eight nodes along Geelong’s Waterfront. This removed and rehoused technology hanging off poles including CCTV, Wi-Fi receivers, devices to smart bin sensors, smart parking sensors and safety lighting. The nodes enabled us to house more technology, including environmental sensors and public address systems.

Supporting this, the City also installed a LoRaWan network which enables the connection of environmental sensors to monitor the waterfront space. All data gathered is delivered to the public via new Open Data platform – Geelong Data Exchange.


Smart Nodes provide the community with an efficient, cost effective, safe and visually pleasing model to manage technology infrastructure in public spaces. The nodes are also fibre connected providing 4G/5G connections without the need for large towers.

The LoRaWAN network (using The Things Network global IoT cloud) allows City of Greater Geelong to enable and manage IoT sensors for a range of activities, including street lighting control, environmental sensing, digital signage, pedestrian/device counting, smart parking and smart waste. The LoRaWAN model allows anyone to use the coverage at no cost. Anyone can access the network and obtain information from sensor devices for free.  This benefits the community by encouraging local industry growth in digital services and enables evidence-based decision making and planning.

Lessons learned

Understanding the legal requirements of procuring new and innovative technology was a challenge - this process took much longer than anticipated. Contract negotiation was another time intensive activity. This highlights how new this space is for Local Government and careful consideration is needed to ensure the best outcomes for our community.


The city now has a LoRaWAN network (IoT) which has enabled the use of IoT sensors across the city, while also enabling a platform for broader community use.

Data Exchange, our open platform for city data, has decreased siloed data collection and duplication and encourages evidence-based decision making.

Contact details

Name: Matthew Szymczak
Email: mszymczak@geelongcity.vic.gov.au