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Central Coast Council Precinct Parking and Traffic Solution Project


Central Coast Council

Terrigal CBD and Gosford CBD, New South Wales

Project stage



Start date: 17 November 2017
End date: 14 June 2019

Project value

Australian Government funding:


  • Duncan Solutions

Focus area

  • Visitor experience
  • Other

Project type

  • Smart parking

Technology type

  • Smartphone applications
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Other

Project summary

The project installed 450 parking sensors across the Terrigal and Gosford CBDs. The sensors provide data to Council to better plan for the parking needs of the area, as well as supplying real-time information about available parking to the members of the public via the Parkspot (Central Coast) App.

The challenge

Due to the limited on-street parking in the Terrigal and Gosford CBDs, people often disrupt traffic flow while looking for a parking space.


The sensors feed live information to the Parkspot App to allow people to search for available parking spaces based on parking restrictions and available spaces.


The project will continue to allow the community to find available parking in real-time and is easily scalable to any area with marked parking spaces. The technology does not require a power supply and is predominantly self-sufficient for a period of five years. It is anticipated that the data collected by the project can also have other uses, such as identifying traffic trends and real-time issues over time.

Lessons learned

Competing interests of business owners, commuters and regular road users caused a number of feedback areas with conflicting points of view. The conflicting points of view made public consultation difficult and getting people to understand the purpose of the project was challenging.


254 sensors have been installed in Terrigal and the App has gone live with the Terrigal Information. A further 266 sensors are due to be installed in Gosford CBD shortly, increasing the effectiveness of the scheme and the range of users.