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Australia's State Aviation Safety Programme

2. State safety risk management

2.5 Management of safety risks

One of CASA's functions under the Civil Aviation Act 1988 is to conduct the safety regulation of civil air operations in Australian territory and the operation of Australian aircraft outside Australian territory, by means that include developing effective enforcement strategies to secure compliance with aviation safety standards.

This is a core regulatory function and one to which Australia is bound to give effect in the interests of safety and in accordance with its obligations under the Chicago Convention.

CASA's Regulatory Philosophy, released in September 2015, sets out the principles that guide and direct CASA's approach to the performance of its regulatory functions and the exercise of its regulatory powers.

CASA's Enforcement Manual outlines enforcement processes for securing compliance with aviation safety standards. Consistent with CASA's Regulatory Philosophy, the Enforcement Manual has been updated to outline clearly to industry and the public, the opportunities available to an operator and CASA to work to rectify a wide range of safety-related concerns without the need to initiate formal enforcement action.

Where they are not required to do so, authorisation holders are encouraged to use an SMS, which includes remedial, corrective and preventive action such as via an internal reporting system to address safety deficiencies. CASA’s Regulatory Philosophy and the ‘just culture’ principles it embraces will increasingly govern key elements of CASA's enforcement policy and clarify the basis on which safety information may and may not properly be used and the sources of such information that may be protected from punitive action.

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Last Updated: 10 May, 2016