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Australia's State Aviation Safety Programme

Appendix A

Australia's State Safety Policy Statement

Australia's aviation safety system plays a vital role in ensuring that Australia has a safe, efficient and competitive aviation industry. Australia will continue to seek closer alignment with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Standards and Recommended Practices and adopt international best practices in its aviation safety system.

The Australian Government has endorsed the following safety principles that underpin the future aviation safety system:

  1. Safety is the primary consideration of Australia's aviation agencies and industry in the performance of their functions;
  2. The highest safety priority should be afforded to passenger transport operations;
  3. Australia's regulatory approach and responses are based on a sound assessment of the level of risk associated with particular aviation operations;
  4. Aviation agencies and industry work closely together to identify aviation safety risks and ensure that the most appropriate methods, practices and technologies are adopted to address and reduce these risks;
  5. A strong 'just culture' approach underpins information sharing between industry and safety agencies as information sharing assists in preventing future safety events and reflects international best practice;
  6. Recognition that Australia's safety regulatory system plays an important role in ensuring that Australia has a safe, efficient and competitive aviation industry;
  7. Australia's aviation regulatory procedures, processes and approach to regulation is fair, transparent and promotes nationally consistent operations;
  8. Active and ongoing engagement by industry and safety agencies will help inform future regulatory priorities and the development of simpler regulations, standards and orders;
  9. The safety performance of our aviation safety system will be continuously monitored and measured through the Stat's aggregate safety performance indicators as well as service provider's safety performance indicators; and
  10. Sufficient financial and human resources for safety management and oversight will be allocated; and staff will be equipped with the proper skills and expertise to discharge their safety oversight and management responsibilities competently.

Mike Mrdak
Secretary, Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development
6 May 2016

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Last Updated: 10 May, 2016