Regional Airports Program Grants – Round 1 funding details

ApplicantStateAerodrome/sProjectCmth Funding
$ (GST exc)
SNOWY VALLEYS COUNCIL NSW Tumut Seal taxiway and apron, drainage, fencing upgrade $152,984.00
KEMPSEY SHIRE COUNCIL  NSW Kempsey Repair cracking and pavement failure to GA apron along with minor widening and pavement repair of taxiway and new line marking.  $327,928.00
ALPINE SHIRE COUNCIL VIC Mount Beauty Lengthen and widen runway, upgrade lights, drainage and helicopter apron $1,555,910.00
CITY OF ALBANY WA Albany Resurface runway, taxiway and apron. $1,666,000.00
SHIRE OF QUAIRADING WA Quairading Resurface the apron taxiway $38,484.00
DISTRICT COUNCIL OF ORROROO CARRIETON SA Orroroo Upgrade of Airstrip, fencing and lighting works. $55,055.00
THE FLINDERS RANGES COUNCIL SA Quorn Fencing upgrade, installation of illuminated windsock $56,750.00
WHITSUNDAY REGIONAL COUNCIL QLD Bowen resurfacing of the runway, repair of turning nodes and cracks $250,000.00
NORTHERN GRAMPIANS SHIRE COUNCIL VIC Stawell Fencing upgrade, taxiway works, related smaller safety works $300,000.00
MOUNT HOTHAM SKIING COMPANY PTY LTD VIC Mount Hotham Resurface of the Runway and new line marking $164,350.00
CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF WHYALLA SA Whyalla Main runway extensions, new taxiway and apron, cross runway sealing $2,455,000.00
HORSHAM RURAL CITY COUNCIL VIC Horsham apron lighting upgrade $105,591.00
DISTRICT COUNCIL OF LOXTON WAIKERIE SA Loxton and Waikerie All weather access Airstrip upgrades $132,266.00
PORT MACQUARIE HASTINGS COUNCIL NSW Port Macquarie Construct a taxiway parallel to the runway, Apron and existing taxiways will be resurfaced  $3,538,260.00
DISTRICT COUNCIL OF FRANKLIN HARBOUR SA Cowell Seal airstrip to improve all weather access $291,739.00
GLENELG SHIRE COUNCIL VIC Portland Resealing of the runway, taxi, apron and hangar asphalted areas $991,973.00
NARRANDERA SHIRE COUNCIL NSW Narrandera Leeton Resealing of runway, taxiway and parking areas $475,000.00
NARRANDERA SHIRE COUNCIL NSW Narrandera Leeton Apron lighting upgrade. $60,000.00
NARRANDERA SHIRE COUNCIL NSW Narrandera Leeton Aerodrome fencing upgrade $218,775.00
UPPER HUNTER SHIRE COUNCIL NSW Scone Ruwnay reconstruction and resealing and taxiway and apron extensions and upgrades $3,000,000.00
YORKE PENINSULA COUNCIL SA Minlaton Seal runway along with associated line markings and other infrastructure $825,000.00
MID-WESTERN REGIONAL COUNCIL NSW Mudgee Repair and reseal runway $308,220.00
NARRABRI SHIRE COUNCIL NSW Narrabri Sealing of apron $299,392.00
GREATER SHEPPARTON CITY COUNCIL VIC Shepparton Restoration of the northern taxiway; construction of a larger taxiway $452,000.00
JAMESTOWN FLYING GROUP INCORPORATED SA Jamestown Extend and sealing the runway to include a taxiway and seal refuelling area $20,500.00
EDWARD RIVER COUNCIL NSW Deniliquin Runway Strengthening and lengthening, drainage, lighting and line marking $2,500,000.00
SOUTHERN DOWNS REGIONAL COUNCIL QLD Warwick and Stanthorpe Resealing  $319,035.00
SHIRE OF DANDARAGAN WA Jurien Bay new taxiway, linemarking and lighting $39,950.00
SWAN HILL RURAL CITY COUNCIL VIC Swan Hill Strengthen runway, extend taxiway and aircraft parking $1,223,412.00
BEGA VALLEY SHIRE COUNCIL NSW Merimbula Overlay existing runway, extend runway, improve infrastructure including taxiways $4,500,000.00
BATHURST REGIONAL COUNCIL NSW Bathurst Construction of a new taxiway, flood management works and taxiway lighting $500,000.00
GLADSTONE AIRPORT CORPORATION QLD Gladstone Drainage works $722,372.00
GLADSTONE AIRPORT CORPORATION QLD Gladstone Resealing and redesign of the northern apron, linemarking $876,121.00
GLADSTONE AIRPORT CORPORATION QLD Gladstone Rejuvenation of runway $136,750.00
DISTRICT COUNCIL OF GRANT SA Mount Gambier Animal proof fencing upgrade $85,140.00
COLAC OTWAY SHIRE Vic Colac Construction of sealed new taxiway $112,500.00
TAMWORTH REGIONAL COUNCIL NSW Tamworth Airside LED lighting and Charter apron upgrade $1,375,000.00
MIKE GRIBBLE PTY. LTD. VIC Benambra Sealing Runway $110,000.00
HAY SHIRE COUNCIL NSW Hay Resheeting of the runway, provision of gable markers, cones and windsocks and purchase of FOD sweeper $237,176.00
GILGANDRA COUNCIL NSW Gilgandra Runway lighting upgrade $83,159.00
BERRIGAN SHIRE COUNCIL NSW Tocumwal Aerodrome fencing upgrade $150,000.00
AERO LINE PTY LTD WA White Gum Extend and reseal runway, additional aircraft parking, fencing upgrade $188,000.00
DUBBO REGIONAL COUNCIL NSW Dubbo Patching, resealing and linemarking $250,000.00
BALLARAT CITY COUNCIL VIC Ballarat Extend and strengthen runway $5,000,000.00
CENTRAL GOLDFIELDS SHIRE COUNCIL QLD Maryborough Aerodrome Fencing upgrade $68,585.00
WELLINGTON SHIRE COUNCIL VIC Yarram New helipad, fencing upgrade, generator, automated weather information service and electrical upgrade $37,500.00
INVERELL SHIRE COUNCIL NSW Inverell Enhancing Aerodrome Safety with Navigational aids through installation of automated weather information service $136,634.00
MOIRA SHIRE COUNCIL VIC Yarrawonga Aerodrome lighting upgrade $137,500.00
INVERELL SHIRE COUNCIL NSW Inverell Aerodrome fencing upgrade $81,048.00
SHIRE OF MANJIMUP WA Manjimup RESA gradient earthworks $38,000.00
GLENAMPLE AIR PTY LTD VIC Great Ocean Road Widen runway, new taxiway and install visual safety equipment $700,000.00
THE TRUSTEE FOR LEONGATHA AERODROME USERS UNIT TRUST VIC Leongatha Reseal runway, taxiways and apron to provide all weather access $975,950.00
PARKES SHIRE COUNCIL NSW Peak Hill, Trundle and Tullamore Replace gable markers and windsocks.  Patching of runways as required $27,869.00
CITY OF GREATER GERALDTON WA Geraldton Runway 08/26 Surface Renewal $70,000.00
EAST GIPPSLAND SHIRE COUNCIL VIC Orbost Airfield ground lighting upgrade $118,468.00
GUNNEDAH SHIRE COUNCIL NSW Gunnedah Aerodrome fencing upgrade, runway lighting upgrade and line marking $198,000.00
COPPER COAST COUNCIL SA Copper Coast Reseal taxiways, aircraft parking and emergency services section along with flood mitigation works. $104,000.00
GREATER BENDIGO CITY COUNCIL VIC Bendigo RPT apron expansion and strengthening and run-up area development. $465,000.00
NARROMINE SHIRE COUNCIL NSW Narromine Lighting upgrade, installation of Secondary Illuminated Wind Indicator and fencing upgrade.  $419,750.00
SHIRE OF TOWONG VIC Corryong Provision of 24 hour self service fuel facility to assist medical and firefighting air services in the area. $262,000.00
ARMIDALE REGIONAL COUNCIL NSW Armidale Drainage upgrade, provision of a break-down area on RPT apron; installation of a re-fuelling apron; taxi and installation of an all-weather access from GA area to gate, and installation of apron floodlighting. $1,227,000.00
      TOTAL $ 41,217,096