Aviation Industry Consultative Council (AICC)

The Aviation Industry Consultative Council (AICC) was established in December 2014 following an election commitment to establish a formal Aviation Industry Consultative Council that will discuss matters of concern to the broader aviation industry and ensure that the industry's views have a forum for discussion and development.

The AICC is an opportunity for aviation industry stakeholders to raise and discuss important matters facing the industry directly with the Deputy Prime Minister. The AICC is not a decision making body, but serves to inform Government policy decisions that will affect the aviation industry.

Terms of Reference PDF: 66 KB ReadSpeaker for the AICC set out the formal objectives of the AICC, and it is anticipated that the AICC will meet twice per year or as needed.

AICC Membership

Membership of the AICC includes 20 industry participants from across the aviation sector including representatives from airlines, airports, aircraft manufacturing, maintenance, flight training, sport and recreational sectors.

Summary of AICC meetings

Meeting 1

Meeting 2

Meeting 3