Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Australian Design Rule Development Program and Public Comment

The development of the ADRs continues as part of a program which includes amendments to existing ADRs, introduction of new ADRs, as well as a full review of existing ADRs where possible every ten years.

A number of changes to ADRs will be considered in the future including those detailed in the Safe Vehicles section of the National Road Safety Strategy 2011 to 2020.

Public comment on draft ADR amendments, draft new ADRs and draft reviews of existing ADRs is an important part of the process.

There are currently no ADRs for public comment.

Changes to Requirements for Motorcycle Mudguards

The Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development has approved an amendment to Australian Design Rule (ADR) 42/04 to remove the requirement for rear mudguard extensions for motorcycles, though front and rear mudguards are still required.

The amendment to ADR 42/04 became effective from 27 September 2014 for new vehicles and this latest version is available on the Federal Register of Legislative Instruments: Australian Design Rule 42/04—General Safety Requirements.

All new road vehicles, whether they are manufactured in Australia or are imported, must comply with the ADRs before they can be offered to the market for use in transport. The ADRs are performance based standards for vehicle safety, emissions and anti-theft.

Once a vehicle has been supplied to the market in Australia and first used on Australian roads, regulation passes to the relevant state or territory government who handle in-service requirements such as registration, road-worthiness and vehicle modifications.

If an owner wishes to further modify their existing motorcycle to remove or replace the mudguard extension then this becomes a matter for state and territory regulators as the vehicle is considered as being in-service. However, it is generally the case that state and territory legislation will allow for changes to ADRs to flow through to registration requirements.

Therefore, if an owner wants to fit a fender eliminator / tail tidy, they should still check with their local registration authority. Owners should note that these devices may also affect lighting and registration plate requirements.

Contact details for the state and territory registration authorities can be found on their websites:

New South Wales:
Northern Territory:
South Australia:
Western Australia:


Last Updated: 23 October, 2014