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Coastal Shipping—Navigation Act 1912 (Part VI)

Under the Navigation Act 1912 vessels may be licensed to participate in Australia’s coastal trade irrespective of flag and crew nationality. This site provides detailed information on the conditions of the issuing of these licences. It also provides links to information on voyage permits and freight logistics in Australia.

  • This link provides details on licence application costs, types of permits and ministerial guidelines.

  • Effective from 21 December 2009—These Guidelines provide guidance for staff in administering the coasting trade provisions of the Navigation Act 1912 and the Navigation (Coasting Trade) Regulations 2007, and in issuing Australian coasting trade licences and permits.

  • Please click the above link to access archived Ministerial Guidelines for July 2009, 2008, 2007, 2004, 1998 and 1990. Please note that these are backdated Ministerial Guidelines and are provided for information only. To access the current Guidelines please click the link to Ministerial Guidelines for Granting Licenses and Permits to Engage in Australia’s Domestic Shipping December 2009.

  • Click here for the log on page for the online processing system for Coasting Trade Licences and Permits. The Coasting Trade Online system is for authorised use only. Authorised use is use by a person, whose registration to use the Coasting Trade Online system has been approved by the Department, solely to apply for a Coasting Trade Permit or Licence under the Navigation Act 1912 and the Navigation (Coasting Trade) Regulations 2007. For information on how to register as a participant please refer to the Quick Reference Guide below.

  • Previous weekly reports are available here.

  • Previous weekly reports are available here.

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Last Updated: 10 October, 2013