Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Planning Analysis Branch

The Planning Analysis Branch supports the Australian Government investing effectively and efficiently in infrastructure and protecting nationally significant transport corridors and assets. We do this by engaging with other levels of government and the private sector and analysing planning processes and policies which may impact upon compatible long term infrastructure planning. Supporting the Australian governments other consideration of High Speed Rail is a key part of the Branch's responsibility.


High Speed Rail

cover of High Speed Rail StudyA study, managed by the Department, was established to inform the Australian Government, the ACT and state governments’ consideration of next steps for high speed rail in Australia.

The study was undertaken in two phases:

Phase 1 identified corridors and station locations and potential patronage, as well as providing an indicative estimate of the cost to build an HSR network.

Phase 2 was considerably broader and deeper in objectives and scope, and refined many of the phase 1 estimates, particularly the demand and cost estimates. The second phase also produced 280 detailed maps of the preferred alignment. A High Speed Rail Advisory Group published a report On Track; Implementing High Speed Rail in Australia.

State of Australian Cities Reports

cover of the State of Australian Cities reportThe State of Australian Cities reports bring together current research and data to present a comprehensive snapshot of Australia’s major cities. These annual reports detail changes in urban population and settlements, and examine research and data relating to productivity, sustainability and liveability.

These annual reports have been very popular, with each one having being downloaded around a million times:

Interactive City Maps

cover of XXXAround 1,000 maps of Australia's major population centres have been developed to enhance the spatial analysis of the State of Australian Cities reports. They are a freely available resource for governments, researchers, and the general

There are two versions provided:

  1. Static PDF maps of each of the major population centres of Australia, mapping various themes.
  2. High-resolution interactive website
    User guide for interactive mapping website PDF: 1585 KB

Urban Policy

cover of the Our Cities, Our Future reportThe Australian Government sought feedback on how to make our cities more productive, sustainable and liveable. The discussion paper, and accompanying background and research paper, received 230 responses from State, Territory and Local Governments, business and community representatives, urban researchers and members of the public. This feedback guided the development of a National Urban Policy.

  • Background
  • Our Cities, Our Future—A National Urban Policy for a productive, sustainable and liveable future (May 2011) PDF: 3009 KB
  • Our Cities—building a productive, sustainable and liveable future (discussion paper, Dec 2010 ) PDF: 4152 KB
  • Our Cities—the challenge of change (background and research paper, Dec 2010) PDF: 7762 KB

Active Transport

cover of the Walking, Riding and Access to Public Transport report The Australian Government sought feedback on how active transport (walking and cycling) can increase capacity and reduce congestion in transport networks; and reduce environmental impacts and long-term healthcare costs. The draft report received almost 200 responses, which formed the basis for a statement on Walking, Riding and Access to Public Transport: supporting active travel in Australian communities.


Last Updated: 24 June, 2014