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National Infrastructure Construction Schedule (NICS)

NICS Phase 3

In 2013 the National Infrastructure Construction Schedule (NICS) released ‘Phase 3’—its new package of website improvements.

Phase 3 enhancements include both new internal and external features and enhancements to the site such as:

Redesigned Planning & Feasibility Studies Page A new and improved display of the projects in the Planning and Feasibility stage with no funds committed to construction. These are now grouped by state.
Cross-border Projects There has been a new location created, titled ‘Multi-State’. This is to capture those projects that cross state borders, such as the National Broadband Network.
User Subscription Service Users can now subscribe to receive email alerts when updates or new additions are made to particular projects on the site. Users can also subscribe to individual projects and select specific criteria such as industry and/or location (state).
FAQ Page Provides some details about the site that are regularly asked.
Improved Project & Contract Search Enables users to search and easily locate projects with upcoming contract opportunities.
Frontend Reporting Users can download all information on a project or multiple projects, including contract information to an excel spreadsheet format.

In addition to these external enhancements, a number of significant changes have been made to improve the “back-end” functionality of the website to make it easier for jurisdictions to upload and manage their data on the website. These new functions will ensure that the existing project data is updated frequently so it is current and beneficial for all users.

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The National Infrastructure Construction Schedule (NICS) is an initiative of the Australian Government that brings together information on major infrastructure projects from all jurisdictions and across the three tiers of government on one unique website.

Constructors, investors, governments and the public can view the national pipeline of upcoming infrastructure projects where governments have committed to fund construction in a single timeline. The NICS also provides information on Infrastructure Australia's National Priority List, as well as all planning and feasibility studies currently being undertaken by governments.

The NICS provides a one-stop portal for information on government-procured infrastructure, delivering certainty and transparency to industry. This initiative facilitates broader involvement in the market, assists to provide greater efficiencies in procurement and resource planning, and encourages increased investment by showcasing Australian infrastructure to the world.

The NICS was developed by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development in collaboration with the states, territories and local governments.

Below is a copy of the NICS promotional video that provides a walk-through of the NICS website.

NICS Promotional Video

NICS Promotional Video

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Video also available for download :MP4 10 MB

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