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In accordance with sections 8(2)(g) and 11C of the Freedom of Information Act 1982, information released under the Act is listed below.

The Department will make documents accessible on this website as much as possible. However, some documents, due to size or format, will be made available via post. If you would like to access documents listed but not published on this site, or in an alternate format please contact the FOI Coordinator.

The Department's list does not include the following:

  • documents released under the FOI Act containing personal or business information which would be unreasonable to publish;
  • documents to which access has been refused or which are exempt from release under the FOI Act; and
  • documents which have been released to the media or members of the public outside the FOI Act.

Information attached, or referred to, in the Departments FOI disclosure log may be removed after 12 months, unless the information has enduring public value.


Disclosure date Description of Documents
06/09/14 Correspondence relating to the Qantas Sales Act (15-09) PDF: 170 KB
02/09/14 FOI Decisions exempting documents in part or in full in accordance with section 47C of the FOI Act (14-120) PDF: 13294 KB PDF: 18959 KB PDF: 8196 KB PDF: 10680 KB PDF: 7394 KB
10/06/14 Documents relating to Black Spot Project, Greenhill Road - Peacock Road (14-81) PDF: 2400 KB
29/04/14 Approved Moorabbin Airport Master Plan 1999 PDF: 13772 KB and Approved Amendments (14-82) PDF: 4964 KB
16/04/14 Documents relating to the designation of Virgin Australia International Pty Ltd as an Australian International Airline (14-68) PDF: 3233 KB
03/04/14 Documents relating to the Future Brisbane Airport Operations discussion paper (14-66) PDF: 5331 KB
02/04/14 Documents relating to the Minister's office and Australian Trucking Association and Stuart St Clair (MO 14-04) PDF: 368 KB
01/04/14 Email attachments relating to RDAF Round Four Funding (14–69) PDF: 6735 KB
21/02/14 Airport parking infringement notices (PINS) issued (14–71) PDF: 54 KB
24/12/13 Documents relating to Tasmanian Forest Agreement public funding (14–38) PDF: 7734 KB
16/12/13 Documents relating to VW recalls (13–62) PDF: 10669 KB
21/11/13 Documents relating to Jetstar dispensation requests (14–26) PDF: 453 KB
21/11/13 Documents relating to dispensation requests at Sydney Airport on 19 February 2012 (14–33) PDF: 3551 KB
04/10/13 Documents (photographs) relating to land behind Churchill Avenue and Dawson Street, Tullamarine (FOI 14–17) photo 1, photo 2, photo 3
19/09/13 Documents relating to MAX Light Rail and Perth Airport Rail link (14–07) PDF: 278 KB PDF: 575 KB PDF: 575 KB PDF: 113 KB PDF: 92 KB
06/09/13 Documents relating to vehicle importations (FOI 14–11) PDF: 251 KB
02/09/13* Report on the Social and Economic Impacts of the Immigration Detention Centre on the Christmas Island Community (FOI 12–31 and FOI 12–33) PDF: 3378 KB
31/07/13 and 20/08/13 Documents relating to South Tralee (FOI 13–54) PDF: 20271 KB
07/08/13 Documents relating to NASAG (FOI 12–81) PDF: 6655 KB
05/08/13 Documents relating to Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, Noise Amelioration program (13–59) PDF: 386 KB
05/08/13 Documents relating to Land use in Majura Valley (13–56) PDF: 5432 KB
11/7/13* Preparatory notes for Senate Estimates hearings for staff of the Department for appearances on 30 May 2013*
  • Constitutional Recognition of Local Government PDF: 96 KB
  • Associated statement of reasons PDF: 63 KB
08/07/13 Documents relating to Comments on BITRE Report 117: Transport energy futures, long–term oil supply trends and projections (FOI 13–52) PDF: 110 KB PDF: 123 KB PDF: 168 KB
04/07/13 Context statement about Department's role in vehicle recalls in response to an FOI request for information relating to VW vehicle recalls and complaints (FOI 13–62) DOC: 61 KB PDF: 183 KB
25/06/13* Documents outlining amounts and/or details and/or proposals for financial payments from the Department to the Australian Local Government Association since August 2010 PDF: 1350 KB and associated statement of reasons* PDF: 270 KB
09/05/13 Documents relating to NASAG (FOI 12–19) PDF: 106 KB PDF: 106 KB PDF: 113 KB PDF: 38 KB PDF: 18 KB PDF: 2447 KB PDF: 433 KB PDF: 2644 KB PDF: 107 KB PDF: 1287 KB
09/05/13 Documents relating to NASAG (FOI 11–75) PDF: 6498 KB PDF: 964 KB PDF: 162 KB PDF: 54 KB
19/04/13 Document relating to major road projects (FOI 13–47) PDF: 674 KB
08/02/13 Documents relating to Noise Contour Maps (FOI 13–32) PDF: 14723 KB
10/01/13* Documents produced in the last year showing information about the $10 million grant to Olympic Park Precinct Community Sports Centre* PDF: 127 KB
*This FOI request was processed by the former Department of Regional Australia, Local Government, Arts and Sport which was abolished under the Administrative Arrangements Orders issued on 18 September 2013.


Last Updated: 30 September, 2014