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Our Role, Responsibilities and Services

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development contributes to the wellbeing of all Australians by assisting the Government to: promote, evaluate, plan and invest in infrastructure; foster an efficient, sustainable, competitive, safe and secure transport system; and ensure a strong and liveable Australia by focusing on effective local government and external territories administration and regional development that enables communities to achieve economic and social dividends.

Download our Organisation Chart to view the organisational structure of the Department.

Our Role

The Department provides policy advice to the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development and the Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development and delivers a variety of programmes on behalf of the Australian Government.

The Department: conducts research and analysis; provides safety information and advice; and performs regulatory functions. We have a strong policy development role, together with programme administration and service delivery responsibilities. We endeavour to involve key partners, stakeholders, clients and customers in all stages of our work.

Our Responsibilities

The Department provides policy advice, programmes and regulation across a wide range of areas including:

  • infrastructure planning and coordination
  • transport safety, including investigations
  • land transport
  • civil aviation and airports
  • transport security
  • maritime transport including shipping
  • major projects facilitation, including facilitation and implementation of all non-Defence development projects
  • administration of the Jervis Bay Territory, the Territory of Cocos (Keeling) Islands, the Territory of Christmas Island, the Coral Sea Islands Territory, the Territory of Ashmore and Cartier Islands, and of Commonwealth responsibilities on Norfolk Island
  • constitutional development of the Northern Territory
  • constitutional development of the Australian Capital Territory
  • delivery of regional and territory specific services and programmes
  • planning and land management in the Australian Capital Territory
  • regional development
  • matters relating to local government
  • natural disaster reconstruction programmes, and
  • regional policy and coordination.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to promote economic, social and regional development by enhancing Australia's infrastructure and regional development performance.

We play a key role in:

  • providing funding for transport infrastructure
  • promoting safe and secure transport solutions
  • providing a framework for competition between and within transport modes
  • promoting a transport system that is accessible, sustainable and environmentally responsible
  • funding community infrastructure in rural, regional and local government areas through finance assistance
  • facilitating engagement on local government issues and innovative thinking and practices to support new approaches to infrastructure financing
  • providing programmes which support and strengthen the economic development and sustainability of regionsĀ 
  • promoting good governance in Australian territories through the maintenance and improvement of the overarching legislative framework for self-governing territories, and laws and services for non-self-governing territories
  • ensuring value for money outcomes for natural disaster reconstruction projects, and
  • ensuring information about relevant Government policies and programmes is disseminated effectively across Australia.

Services we provide

We provide a range of permits, approvals and direct services, including:

  • approval to import motor vehicles
  • motor vehicle compliance plate approvals
  • Sydney Airport noise amelioration
  • airport curfew dispensation approvals (Sydney, Adelaide)
  • approval for non-Chapter 3 aircraft to operate in Australia
  • approval of airline and airport security programmes
  • approval for certain activities and developments on airports subject to the Airports Act 1996
  • international aviation timetable and charter flight approvals
  • permits and licences relating to international air services
  • state type services to the non-self governing territories, including education, health and the provision of utilities
  • assistance to self governing territories in improving and enhancing their governance arrangements
  • financial assistance payments to local governments
  • capacity building in local government
  • value for money assessments of natural disaster reconstruction programmes, and
  • programmes to support and strengthen the economic development and sustainability of regions.

The Organisation

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development is a dynamic, high-performing organisation achieved through cooperation, a shared vision, transparent information exchange, appropriate sharing of responsibility, and accountability.

Our People

The Department maintains a strong commitment to the continual development of our staff through a range of formal training, study assistance and role based capability development activities.

We value our people, their abilities and diversity.

Client Service Charter

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development is committed to providing a high level of service including treating clients fairly, courteously and professionally, and providing timely and accurate advice and information.

Working for the Department

Social Justice and Equity

The Department fosters ongoing development of partnerships and cooperation with stakeholders, communities, other Commonwealth agencies, and state, territory and local governments to achieve equitable access to services and diverse community input to policy development.

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Last Updated: 15 October, 2013