Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Aviation Environment and Airport Safeguarding

Aviation is vital to the Australian economy, employing thousands of people and linking Australia to the rest of the world.

The Department has a range of responsibilities to ensure that the environmental impacts of aircraft noise and aviation emissions are minimised. The Department also works with planning authorities where possible to safeguard both communities and airports from inappropriate off-airport developments that could threaten public safety and the current future viability of aviation operations at Australian airports.

The Department's role is to provide policy advice to the Australian Government, as well as administering legislation and regulations relating to the aviation and airports industry.

The Department has responsibility for administering legislation relating to aviation environmental issues, noise policy, working with portfolio agencies on safety matters, and working with state, territory and local government planning agencies to safeguard communities and airports from inappropriate off-airport development and encourage complementary planning outcomes in the vicinity of airports.

  • This section contains information about the review of Australian Standard 2021, airport curfews, noise regulations, noise disclosure and building insulation programs. It also provides information on how to lodge a complaint about aircraft noise.

  • This section contains information on the carbon footprint generated by aircraft operations in Australia and the role Australian aviation plays in the reduction of aviation's contribution to climate change.

  • This section contains information on safeguarding of airports and the communities around them, including the National Airports Safeguarding Framework, the review of Australian Standard 2021–2000, Protection of Airspace, and Land Use Planning.

  • This section contains historical publications relating to aviation environmental issues and airport safeguarding.


Last Updated: 5 September, 2014