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Curfew at Adelaide Airport

Summary of Key Features

  • The rules for the curfew at Adelaide Airport are laid down in the Adelaide Airport Curfew Act 2000 and the Adelaide Airport Curfew Regulations 2000.
  • The curfew operates from 11pm until 6am
    • during this period take offs and landings at the Airport are restricted to specific types of aircraft and operations. During the curfew period, aircraft must land on Runway 05, and must take off on Runway 23.
  • The principal categories of permitted operations are as follows
    • small (less than 34,000kg) noise certificated propeller driven aircraft and ‘low noise’ jets (mostly business and ‘small’ freight jets—these are specified on a list which has been Gazetted by the Minister) are allowed to operate without a quota on the number of their movements
    • Under Regulation 5 low noise heavy freight aircraft are permitted a maximum number of 15 take-offs and a maximum number of 25 landing per week during curfew periods.
    • National Jet Systems have specific approval for BAe146 aircraft undergoing scheduled maintenance or major defect rectification at National Jet Systems’ Adelaide Airport base to operate, subject to National Jet Systems seeking a dispensation for each flight.
    • Regulation 4 provides for international passenger movements between 11pm and midnight and between 5am and 6am (the curfew shoulder periods) subject to
      • jet aircraft meeting the strictest ICAO noise standards (Chapter 3)
      • no more than 8 movements per week ( maximum number of take-offs is 0, and the maximum number of landings is 8)
    • During the curfew period, aircraft must land on Runway 05, and must take off on Runway 23. Under Section 15 of the Act, Runway 23 can be used for arrivals only when Runway 05 is declared by ATS to be not operationally acceptable for arrivals.
    • The curfew restrictions do not apply in cases of emergency.
    • In exceptional circumstances the Minister may grant dispensations for aircraft to operate when they would not otherwise be allowed to do so. These must be issued in accordance with guidelines, which define what are ‘exceptional circumstances’.
    • The Act provides for fines up to $170,000 for a body corporate.

List of “low noise” jets approved to operate during the curfew period under Regulation 7 of the Regulations:

Regulation 7 of the Adelaide Airport Curfew Regulations (the Regulations) was updated on 18 December 2014 to provide for newer, quieter aircraft to operate during the curfew. A list of aircraft that are permitted to operate are listed in Regulation 7 of the Regulations. The aircraft listed below currently permitted to operate will be phased out and will cease being permitted to operate after 31 December 2022:

  • BAe 125 Series 800A, 800A (C—29A), 800A (U-125), 800B,
  • 1000A and 1000B;
  • Beechcraft 400, 400A (Hawker 400 XP) and 400T;
  • Cessna Citation 650;
  • Gulfstream G1159, G1159A and G1159B;
  • HS 125 Series 400B, 400B/1, F600B, 700A and 700B;
  • Mystere Falcon Series D, E, F and G.


Last Updated: 28 January, 2015