Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Aircraft Noise

Aircraft noise is an inevitable by-product of aircraft operations. In Australia there are a range of legislative and other controls to manage the impact of aircraft noise.

The following links provide information on the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development's work in this area.

Brisbane Airport Curfew Review

On 19 March 2014 the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development announced that the Australian Government had accepted the recommendations contained in the Brisbane Airport Curfew Review Steering Committee's Final Report and advised that a night time curfew on operations at Brisbane Airport should not be put in place.

  • The section contains information about the review of Australian Standard AS 2021-2000: Acoustics—Aircraft noise intrusion—Building siting and construction.

  • This section contains general information airport curfews, as well as information about the curfews at Sydney, Adelaide, Essendon and Coolangatta airports.

  • This section contains information about aircraft noise regulations, permit application forms and guidelines for the operation of adventure flights.

  • This area discusses the use of transparent noise descriptors in the assessment and management of aircraft noise. Publications and the latest versions of the Department's aircraft noise transparency software, TNIP (Transparent Noise Information Package), are available for download.

  • This section provides information about the Sydney and Adelaide Aircraft Noise Insulation Programs.

Aircraft Noise Complaints

If there are specific flights or noise concerns you would like to discuss further, these can be raised with Airservices Australia via its Noise Complaint and Information Service (NCIS). The NCIS can also provide more detailed information about current and historical aircraft movements. The NCIS can be contacted:

  • by phone on 1800 802 584 (freecall); or
  • via its website.

Further information can also be obtained from:


Last Updated: 9 July, 2014