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Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Aviation Access Forum (AAF)

The Aviation Access Forum (AAF) was established in 2013 to provide advice to the Government on disability access policy, and operational and administrative issues associated with access to air services for people with a disability.

The AAF also provides an opportunity for information to be exchanged between representatives of disability sector organisations, the aviation industry and Australian Government agencies to help further improve disability access in aviation.

The Terms of Reference set out the formal objectives of the AAF and are available here:

Key issues that the Aviation Access Forum is currently considering include:

  • a review of the Disability Access Facilitation Plan (DAFP) initiative;
  • the two wheelchair policy of some Australian airlines; and
  • the carriage of assistance animals on aircraft.

Queries in relation to the AAF can be sent to: AAF_secretariat@infrastructure.gov.au.


The AAF comprises representatives from:

  • organisations representing passengers with a disability including, the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations, Physical Disability Australia, National Disability Services, Paraquad, the Deafness Forum of Australia and the National Council on Intellectual Disability;
  • industry (both airline and airport operators); and
  • Australian Government agencies including the Attorney General's Department, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development and the Australian Human Rights Commission.

The AAF is chaired by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development who also provide Secretariat support.

Current Issues

Review of the Disability Access Facilitation Plans (DAFP)

Airline and airport operators are encouraged to publish Disability Access Facilitation Plans (DAFP) to communicate their approach to meeting the needs of passengers with disabilities.

As at 7 April 2014, there were 43 airline and airport DAFPs in place.

With the DAFP initiative commencing its fifth year, the AAF believes it is timely to conduct a review of the initiative with the aim of improving the effectiveness of the airline and airport plans.

Disability sector representatives and airline/airport operators are encouraged to complete an online feedback form.

The objective of this process will be to facilitate feedback on how the plans are operating and make practical suggestions for improving the DAFP initiative.

Further information about current DAFPs can be found on the DAFP page of this Department's website.

Airline Two Wheelchair Policy Paper

On 4 June 2013, this Department released an Issues Paper on airline two wheelchair policies and sought public submissions on the issues raised in the paper.

Taking account of these submissions, the Department has now prepared a policy paper for public comment. The policy paper summarises the views and concerns of the disability community and relevant airline operators, and makes recommendations on a proposed way forward.

Members of the disability sector and aviation industry are encouraged to email submissions to the policy paper to the AAF Secretariat at AAF_Secretariat@infrastructure.gov.au by 30 April 2014.

Privacy Statement:

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development is collecting personal information as part of submissions to the Airline Two Wheelchair Policy Paper.

The Department will use this information for the purpose of developing final recommendations for improving the policies. Submissions will be published on the Department's website, unless specifically requested otherwise. Personal names, addresses and phone numbers will not be published on the Department's website, nor will this information be provided to third parties without prior permission. If you do not provide the contact information requested, the Department will not be able contact you further about your submission.

The Department's on-line privacy policy contains information regarding complaint handling processes and how to access and/or seek correction of personal information held by the Department. The Privacy Officer can be contacted on (02) 6274 6495.

Advisory Material

The following advisory material has been developed to assist airline and airport operators and passengers with a disability travelling by air.

Summary Records of Meetings of the Forum:

Former Aviation Access Working Group

Other Sites of Interest: